Bash my skull in from frustration and disappointment.

This week has been a mess. I’m going to tell you right now I didn’t finish Kenobi, so I don’t want to hear your crap.

Want to know the reason why?

Last week I said I wanted to fix my sleep schedule. Out of seven days last week I attempted to go to bed early for four of them.

The first night I laid there for hours waiting to finally fall asleep. I lay there. And I lay there. Then, finally fall asleep, but you are still not in deep sleep so you remember every stupid dream and then wake up every hour or so until you finally get three or four hours of sleep.

I tried a second night with the same result.

The third night I ended up getting up and staying up late.

The fourth night I stayed up and then woke up early so that the next day I could try and get to sleep on time that evening. The next morning I got up at seven and everything was great. When I tried to go to bed I was just up and wired again.

Nothing worked. My schedule is off, my concentration is off, I’m a mess.

The Screenplay Continues

I’m really stoked about getting Kenobi completed. On the other hand the script is becoming a huge chore to finish up. I think its just the sleep schedule thing, but I’m not sure. This week was really hard to write anything at all because of the wild schedule. I got twenty pages done, so not nearly the herculean effort I was hoping for. While writing I ran into a major plot hole that I had to go back and fix. It took my son and I chasing it for thirty minutes or so to work it out. An unintended side effect was a ripple across the remainder of the script for the better. More passion and energy for our main character and that’s always a good thing.

I did manage to complete the first week of my revised workout so that was wonderful. One small positive for my week. I’m just exhausted and I don’t have enough sarcasm to fill out a post. This is really all I did this week. What a terrible week. I’m going to try and recover starting Monday and get some more pages done. I’m going to set a goal of twenty pages just to give myself a metric, hopefully exceeding it. That will put the script at 90 pages and hopefully the ending really writes itself. The end is complete, so is the entire script, again I’m really just fleshing out descriptions and dialog. Sometimes it’s a slog, other times it just flows.

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